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Simplicity, savings, and service guide our day-to-day operations. We offer clear communication, competitive rates, and stable power services.

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At IronHorse Power Services, transparency is not just a concept; it's our commitment. Transparency means making it easy for customers to contact us, giving honest answers, and treating people with genuine respect and care. We differentiate ourselves by offering easy-to-understand, competitive rates without hidden fees. With us, what you see is what you get—no surprise rate hikes and the convenience of accessing your billing information online. This kind of transparency ensures you have a clear understanding of your energy costs, setting us apart from other electric providers.

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"Absolutely love working with Page Farris and her team! They are so responsive and customer service oriented. I can enthusiastically recommend IronHorse for your power needs!"


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"Communication at this company is great! The connection and switching process was fast. They know what they are doing!"


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"Great pricing! Customer service is impeccable. Highly recommend"



The IronHorse Power

Services Team

Fayyaz Ali

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Business Development

David Garcia

Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management

Jason Fondren

Chief Technology Officer

Blake Buell

COO / VP Risk Management, Operations

Tangie Seals

VP Finance and Accounting, Operations

Jackson Buell

Director of Sales, Business Development

Page Farris

Director of Sales, Business Development

Ember Isom

Marketing Manager, Business Development

Cooper Marshall

Account Operations Manager, Business Development

Charlie Rask

Account Manager, Business Development

Cory Wicker

Account Manager, Business Development

Joe Kralis

Account Manager, Business Development

Tim Wiserma

Customer Service Manager

Catherine Castro

Customer Service Specialist

John Lancaster

C&I Customer Service Specialist

Lisa Franz

Customer Service Specialist

Cameron Wilson

Financial Analyst, Risk Management

Brody Williams

IT Specialist

Sandee Foster

Billing Specialist, Operations


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