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Find your tailored power solution across residential, commercial, property management, and broker needs. You'll experience services riding on reliability and transparency.

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Our Power Services

Residential Power Services

Choosing residential power services can be complicated. We'll save you time by simplifying the options. You'll find plans with straightforward contract terms and pricing.
  • Our customer portal lets you see your billing statement and have access to account information 24/7.
  • Our clear terms save you money; we focus on providing energy, not excessive fees.
  • We focus on serving you by offering competitive rates and reliable plans.
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Commercial Power Services

If you're looking to power your business, we're here to help. We'll find you a competitive plan best suited to your business needs.

  • We provide power services for businesses big and small across all industries.
  • Our customer service caters to commercial and industrial needs.
  • We offer flexible billing tailored to what's best for you and your business.
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Property Management

We provide energy services for multifamily and commercial properties. Take care of your operation with efficient and cost-effective energy solutions.

Customized Billing

  • Individual billing gives each meter its own account and is billed separately.
  • Master billing compiles multiple meters under one account and provides a detailed billing summary.

Flexible Plans

Clean and Show Plans

  • Vacancy plans provide electrical service in vacant locations to help save you time and money.
  • Keep power on to help prevent burst pipes and water damage during winter freezes and heat and humidity damage during summer heatwaves.

  • Get rid of delays between showing and signings and avoid triggering unnecessary permit delays
Continuing Service Agreements (CSA)
  • Reduce time between properties with uninterrupted power. Properties stay in better condition with utilities on.
  • Streamline taking over power service when a tenant moves out of the location.
Common Area Agreements (CAA)
  • Properties with well-kept, well-lit common areas have higher occupancy rates.
  • Simplify providing power for common area fixtures like outdoor lights, pools, and leasing office.

Dedicated Customer Service

  • Our customer service team is dedicated to helping meet your needs.
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Broker Services

  • Help your clients save money on their energy bills AND provide them with reliable and efficient energy solutions.
  • Get help navigating the complex and ever-changing Texas energy market from experts.
  • We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and regulations in the industry to keep you informed.
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